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random meme floating fa at least

- Name: flykat / demillion / zermit vasilopita / vulotr / mylinda :)
- Single or taken: Single
- Gender: Female
- Birthday: Jan 4 '80
- Sign: Capricorn
- Hair color: drk brwn
- Eye color: hazel?
- Height: 5'9"
- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: asexual.
- What kind of shampoo do you use?: whatever is on sale for dry scalp
- What are you listening to right now?: my fan drowning out the world
- Who is the last person that called you?: unknown number i didn't answer
- How many buddies are online right now?: no clue, a fair few possibly from all sources
- Animal: all (not a cope out) most i'm allergic to tho
- Colour: purple ^^
- Drink: pomgrante green tea
- Element: poison / fire / water?
- Food: almost all, depends how it's given to me
- Game: diablo 3, ffxiv
- Movie: spirit, stallion of the cimmeron, catwoman (yes the bad one), daredevil (director's cut only)
- Song: *looks at 1TB drive filled with so much and amazon music's prime list >.>
- Subjects in school: sciences
- T.V.: i don't watch tv....
H A V E | Y O U | E V E R
- Given anyone a bath?: yes ages ago, sick grandma
- Smoked?: allergic
- Bungee jumped?: totally will never
- Made yourself throw up?: Yes
- Skinny dipped?: NO
- Ever been in love?: i don't get twitterpated
- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: no
- Pictured your crush naked?: i'd need a crush
- Actually seen your crush naked?: No
- Cried when someone died?: Yes
- Lied: as a kid
- Fallen for your best friend?: NO
- Used someone?: nope
- Done something you regret?: who hasn't??
- Clothes: grey WoW shirt from lootcrate and jean shorts
- Desktop picture: random, things in my favorites on FA
- CD in player: i no longer have those
- DVD in player: does black and white game disc count in my PC?
L A S T | P E R S O N
- You touched: i try not to touch folks
- Hugged:  friend at AC i think?
- You kissed: Not happening
- You IMed: someone on telegram i think
- Talk to online: someone on telegram i think
- You sexed it up with: not my interest
A R E | Y O U
- Understanding?: yes
- Open-minded?: yes
- Arrogant?: hope not?
- Insecure?: 90% nope
- Random?: can be
- Hungry?: always
- Smart?: enough
- Moody?: possibly
- Organized?: yes but it's organized chaos >.>
- Shy?: yes no maybe so?
- Difficult?: only if i really don't want to do something
- Bored easily?: sometimes
- Entertained easily?: at work, hell yes
- Obsessed?: not really
- Lazy?: i'm not lazy i'm super lazy (i need that t-shirt from tee turtle)
- Angry?: only if cause to be, 98% of the time no
- Happy?: i'm usually neutral
- Hyper?: 100% nope
- Trusting?: initially until YOU break it.
- In the morning: in the morning what?
- Love is: a disease
- I dream about: a world with otherkin and other supernatural things
- What do you notice first in the sex you're into: i'm not interested in any form of sex
- Makes you laugh the most: co-workers
- Makes you smile: myself
-Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: people that hate animals
D O | Y O U | E V E R
- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: no
- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: sorta but i'm stuck with what i am, i am ok with this....
- Wish you were younger?: no, actually wish i was older, but with youth in step
- Cry because someone said something to you?: not often
- Of times I have had my heart broken?: 0
- Of scars on my body: ??? i guess u could call the 5 from surgery scars/ maybe 4 of the marks maybe
- Of bones I've broken: None although they all have popped out of place (Medical thing I have)

twitch sched (same time different games)

Sunday 2-4 pm eastern (gDMO - digimon Masters)  a Free to play digimon online mmo game :)   I'll be on Zermit - Barbamon Server
Monday: 6-8 pm eastern (diablo 3) Straight rifting! 300 paragon level 70 witch doctor named 'meow'

my twitch channel :D

I am still working on my twitch stream page but it will soon be fully awesome.


Sunday 2-4 pm eastern (ancient pc games)
Monday: 6-8 pm eastern (diablo 2)
Tuesday visit Hykiri 9p - midnight eastern. I will be in his stream and in his game grin emoticon

Randomly Weekdays 5p-10p
I will play either Diablo 3, Final Fantasy ARR, or
Me doing poorly drawn artworks grin emoticon Cause I am an 1D artist!!

eh keep alive journal?

A - Age
B - Biggest fear
low ceilings, tiny things
C - Cold or warm weather?
cold, bring on winter
D - Drink you last had
E - Extraterrestrials, do they exist?
F - First thing you did when you woke up
try to go back to sleep and fail
G - Ghosts, are they real?
H - How tall are you?
5' 9"
I - In love with someone?
J - Jealous of someone?
K - Killed anyone?
only in video games :3
L - Last time you ever cried
don't remember
M - Music genre you dislike the most
N - Newest acquisition
ffxiv blu ray music disc
O - One wish
P - Pie flavour, which is your favourite?
pumpkin or sweet potato, equally
Q - Question you often ask
What? or Huh?
R - Reason to smile
it makes you look good
S - Song you like the most
metal - alexander's theme in ffxiv
T - Time you woke up
Around 7 am
U - Underwear color
n/a (and pref not to say anyhow)
V - Videogame you like the most
diablo 3
W - Worst habits
X - X-rays taken
no remember, had a couple, teeth are most recent
Y - Your favorite food
cvs brand chocolate covered cashews
Z - Zodiac sign
capricorn / earth goat/sheep/whatever

more of svengali

this is the public folder of images of svengali nyx
i figured i'd share with you what it looked like out of the box :)

For AC i have a hammer and a viking helmet :)
and if lemonbrat has it by then, I'll have a nice hoodie from this thing to wear (though hoodie is of my dutch angel dragon XD )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpNwdvaGkqQ intro vid

meet Svengali Nyx

I keep forgetting about this account...

i've finally changed my layout/theme here, added a userpic (current default)
it is svengali nyx whom channeled the late great macho man randy savage in this picture.

I'm thinking of using this account to talk of the adventures of this beastie and other things

I've started to write a literal novel based on the life of one of my characters (not fursonas)
the start of chapter 1 (3 pages) are available on google docs and i'll link it later today
it has a link to a NDA if anyone wants to read beyond what is at that link.

I will be going to anthrocon for the first time since 2011 so yay! see anyone going there :D

oh and if you want to see a full pic of svengali....

it's freezing

allo folks hope all is well :D
i'm thinking of doing a blog of my character's thoughts and adventures
i'm wondering if you guys would care to see it?

ok a rl update (all positive)

i'm still working for SAIL as finance clerk
for some reason people think i get to know top secret stuff and have access to files of other folks that also use them for housing
#1 i'm still a 'consumer' myself, so they wouldn't dare put me in that.
#2 what little bit i do know of things stay with me, for the many classes and pieces of paper of confidentiality agreements i signed/
#3 i like my job and don't want to risk losing it! They are even nice to let me go to furpocalypse despite the con being on the worse days ever for the office
#4 when I poke my boss about the 90 day orientation review, her reply is "i have more important things to do" to me so obviously i'm well set
#5 the job is a perminent position unless i royally screw up like not coming to work and such and well read #3... so
#6 by jan 9th, I can use the paid holiday, paid sick day, paid vacation time.... so AC and FP is a go in 2015 no problem :3

I am doing ok financially as long as i don't go over my bounds. Credit score is really close to be fair from poor :)
Credit i currently have a love/hate relationship with.... so um ya i'm watching everything like a hawk i am!

I've started to grow a small balance in savings again beyond the $5 i can't touch unless i leave my credit union XD
I still don't carry cash usually unless it's expected (at a convention or such?)

ultimately all is good :D
ya know a month ago i paid for this and still not use it
but hi :D i still exist!!!

flykat got a new ref sheet recently and you can find it here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14530908/
so did dcwcr and furritvison :)

also being worked on is a new reference for dragonis d demillion's dragoncat form
however it's still in the wip phase as the artist is working while dealing with other things in rl causing strife
so that and the lycan zermit will be eventually posted
i'm also working on a reference archieve for all my characters and my 2 fursonas in their collectively 5 forms

this is a part of the ref sheet for demillion unfinished even with what i show you...
some color variation changes and the like espcially with her spots and such

also for the zermit lycan one....
this actually happened....Collapse )