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life update + blizzard workings

so for thoses that don't hear of me from plurk or plurk via facebook
i have a job a real one, i work as the finance office clerk for SAIL

I should be working right now but I'm stuck home waiting for a VERY important pair of packages from UPS
(they was shipped next day air, customer MUST sign for it to get it)
Asked Melissa to be here, but she's not so... I has to wait for them since they need to be signed for :|

Called and told boss the situation and my councilor
(along with getting ppd paper dropped off so doctor can sign i'm good for another year)

i'm starting to worry about my job security cause this is the second unannounced missing from work Tuesday and this one could have been more prevented had I gotten the requested help.

When I got hired and at the interview it was stated that this job is not for the fair weather only and needs to be taken 100% seriously and after working 2 weeks, IT is A SERIOUS job. Taking off randomly not only is bad for the person but bad for the entire department. I'm in charged of time sensitive things and Tuesdays and Thursdays are more so... I wouldn't be as upset if say the person I asked actually WORKED, but she's at her other home doing god knows what and could pause life to help a person out...

it's 10:23a and no package ;.; if it comes by 11a maybe i can go to work later and make up some time...

as for the other topic on this post
i'm still working on blizzard but i hit a strong snag as it's officially outdated with only pci 2.0 slots and what i want to really have is pci 3.0... so looking to see what is the absolute best available of the 2.0 line of graphic cards, money, power etc isn't an issue at this point, if i can find the card

Radeon prefered, but geforce is cool too
any suggestions?

edit: notice the nook 'moved' so checked her door again and she answered full of sleep but then got up and left the apartment, it's 12:40p and still no package -.-
ok all i want is peace and quiet and enough food to not be ill :)

things i need to do in normal life
* buy things to help me cook more
* buy bookcases and shelving units for my bedroom so i has floor
* save up for driver's license so they leave me alone about it
* get to anthrocon in the summer
* get to whatever replaces furfright if it happens this year
* wonder the future of I-Con
* attempt the Doo Dah Parade this time with funds saved from January!

things I want to commission:
* get a bling badge whenever kalika gets back from hiatus, this will wait as long as needed :)
* get proper fursuit maker usable reference sheets done of 4 characters and save funds for said suits :)

things I need to do for me:
* Get a drawing table :) return to my style of arting
* get leathercraft supplies again so I can make things :D [belts, shoes, wristbands, wallets etc]
* get a new fully usable won't break on use in second life computer....
* keep looking @ the new york state civil service website for real work
* continue hitting my depression away with my catspace hammer of doom
* get back to making dream catchers :) they are fun!

hello all :)

i haven't forgotten lj or you, most i still talk to outside of lj.

being this journal ulitimately becaome a rant/bad news/problems in life sorta thing, i just stopped posting
cause i was always in such a state...

i'm a normally upbeat happy person so ya...

just saying hi, i'm hoping in 2014 i has lots of + things to say :D

also i'll try to keep it updated more so you can see my skeleton figurehead more often lol


this is sad

i have a relative of non blood relations (she's a cousin of my great grandpa [whom as i now learnt, had no children of his own] )
she is 77 and takes care of foster kids and is a really really awesome sweet nice person, just don't piss her off, she can rip you a new with just speech.

back a bit just after my great grandma died, she had called my great grandpa, and i answered the phone, i was like o your the Julia he keeps talking about! and i got to talk to her for a bit and we remained good company

a short time after my great grandpa died, i got to visit her and her naughty kids, the only one that was nice was the boy named Anthony. Whom i think might still be with her? i'm unsure.

for xmas 2012 i gave her a call and got pretty much omg your the only person that called me! thanks for remembering me!
same for new years and valentines day
she's still around don't worry, though she had a stroke and can't walk :(

if i get my metrocard fix, i will visit her :) she's too nice a lady but everyone has abadoned her and i'm sad about that.

while i have no true clue what she did in life as i've never been nosy like that. I'd hate to think folks would be so fully forgotten.

If she was to die tomorrow i'm sure i'd never know but no one else would either :( since no one ever called her to even wish her a happy birthday back during halloween yes, that is her birthday, i stated that's why we like each other so much lol (ok so there was that hurricane.... STILL that's even MORE reason to contact them!!! )

I've been fortunate to have seen 5 generations in my lifetime and a fair few living beyond 80, and there is nothing more blessed than knowing the older family members so if you have one, give them a call, write them a letter, show your love, they aren't forever. These are the folks that if you listen to, will do right by you. So if you have anyone, give them a hug/call something.

Even if they aren't family in the truest sense. This is good to do.


today looks to be the 1 day i get to just chillax for the most part :) which is GOOD
not having to worry about house intruders or work is nice :) and since 1/2 the garbage is to the curb, bonus!
can't want for the shinryu fight on thursday :D (final fantasy talk)
ra meeting today i believe
might see some gempandas around the weekend

in rl, annoyances are many


hi :) how is all!
happy birthday! u_t_tiger and bucktowntiger

as for my journal, first to kill off the twitter spam from my plurks
(i don't actually tweet....)
and i'll be back on LJ more or I will kinda try to :)

but i wonder, who still really uses this?

My tweets


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