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ya know a month ago i paid for this and still not use it
but hi :D i still exist!!!

flykat got a new ref sheet recently and you can find it here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14530908/
so did dcwcr and furritvison :)

also being worked on is a new reference for dragonis d demillion's dragoncat form
however it's still in the wip phase as the artist is working while dealing with other things in rl causing strife
so that and the lycan zermit will be eventually posted
i'm also working on a reference archieve for all my characters and my 2 fursonas in their collectively 5 forms

this is a part of the ref sheet for demillion unfinished even with what i show you...
some color variation changes and the like espcially with her spots and such

also for the zermit lycan one....