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ok a rl update (all positive)

i'm still working for SAIL as finance clerk
for some reason people think i get to know top secret stuff and have access to files of other folks that also use them for housing
#1 i'm still a 'consumer' myself, so they wouldn't dare put me in that.
#2 what little bit i do know of things stay with me, for the many classes and pieces of paper of confidentiality agreements i signed/
#3 i like my job and don't want to risk losing it! They are even nice to let me go to furpocalypse despite the con being on the worse days ever for the office
#4 when I poke my boss about the 90 day orientation review, her reply is "i have more important things to do" to me so obviously i'm well set
#5 the job is a perminent position unless i royally screw up like not coming to work and such and well read #3... so
#6 by jan 9th, I can use the paid holiday, paid sick day, paid vacation time.... so AC and FP is a go in 2015 no problem :3

I am doing ok financially as long as i don't go over my bounds. Credit score is really close to be fair from poor :)
Credit i currently have a love/hate relationship with.... so um ya i'm watching everything like a hawk i am!

I've started to grow a small balance in savings again beyond the $5 i can't touch unless i leave my credit union XD
I still don't carry cash usually unless it's expected (at a convention or such?)

ultimately all is good :D