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eh keep alive journal?

A - Age
B - Biggest fear
low ceilings, tiny things
C - Cold or warm weather?
cold, bring on winter
D - Drink you last had
E - Extraterrestrials, do they exist?
F - First thing you did when you woke up
try to go back to sleep and fail
G - Ghosts, are they real?
H - How tall are you?
5' 9"
I - In love with someone?
J - Jealous of someone?
K - Killed anyone?
only in video games :3
L - Last time you ever cried
don't remember
M - Music genre you dislike the most
N - Newest acquisition
ffxiv blu ray music disc
O - One wish
P - Pie flavour, which is your favourite?
pumpkin or sweet potato, equally
Q - Question you often ask
What? or Huh?
R - Reason to smile
it makes you look good
S - Song you like the most
metal - alexander's theme in ffxiv
T - Time you woke up
Around 7 am
U - Underwear color
n/a (and pref not to say anyhow)
V - Videogame you like the most
diablo 3
W - Worst habits
X - X-rays taken
no remember, had a couple, teeth are most recent
Y - Your favorite food
cvs brand chocolate covered cashews
Z - Zodiac sign
capricorn / earth goat/sheep/whatever