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The Dementor of Reality

hybrid theory of dementation

Vultor V. Rite [DDD 2 furz]
4 January 1980
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My name is Mylinda.
I am human. I have friends, I have a life. I post my feelings and situations in this journal. It's a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings.

I am a fur of my defination, don't expect to see furry drama or anything of the like.

to the trolls, your wasting your time adding little flykat, she won't feed your hunger or help warp your pee sized minds. She is a queen, a beast of royalty, a concept i'm sure you don't understand!


i have some and not many even know me!

updated furcode:

Decode my furcode:
FFJhswmp6acdsw/DDhswmp1acdsw A+ C+ D+++ H--/- M- P+++ R+ T+++/++/+ W Z- Sf- RLFB a+ clmnw++/+ d+ e/+ f++ h iwf+++ j p-/* sf-